Advantages Gains
simplicit_35x35 Simplicity

MailFountain requires no specific knowledge neither to be installed nor to be used.

Easy to install, MailFountain is an appliance that connects as easily and quickly a basic printer. Once connected the MailFountain is immediately usable.

Easy to use, MailFountain got a simplified interface to be used by everyone.
pratique_-_innovant_35x35 Practical and innovative services

From the size of a DSL box, MailFountain is the solution to communicate quickly and easily.

One small box for great service
MailFountain is the only email server in the world that brings together both an emails server, an emailing server and a router in just one box.

Also, with its function No Limit, MailFountain can send all emails to all receivers, without limitation of size or number.

MailFountain is the guarantor of your independence.
image_35x35 Vector of positive image

Today, email has become one of the essential applications for business. Everyone has an email account and use it everyday. That makes your email adresse one of the first image of your company.

Professional image
MailFountain allows you to have your own domain name, assign professional email addresses to all your employees and collegues and manage as many aliases and redirect link as necessary.

By giving you the opportunity to use you own domain name, MailFountain lets you
increase your visibility considerably by the redundancy of the name of your company plus your environment contact you easily.
cohrence_35x35 Consistency

MailFountain bring greater consistency to your image with a domain name identical to your e-mail «...» and your website «».
rduction_cots_35x35 Costs killer

By giving you the opportunity to send large files and realise emailing, MailFountain let you reduce your cost of printing and mailings.
gain_de_temps_35x35 Time saving

Whatever its size, sending an e-mail through MailFountain does not require additional maneuvers than sending a classical email. Plus it takes no more time than it is necessary to copy the file onto the MailFountain. This represents a considerable saving of time.
organisation_35x35 Better organization

MailFountain lets you manage aliases like « This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it », « This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it », ...     And thus manage it quickly and satisfy your customers.
confidentialit_35x35 Privacy guarantee

The confidentiality of your company’s emails is guaranteed by the presence of MailFountain inside your company.
sans_abonnement_35x35 Without subscription

Unlike many other servers, MailFountain requires no subscription and is quickly profitable.
comparison_chart_22x28 Competitors comparision chart