Presentation E-mail

e-mail_35x35 Email

Never an e-mail server has been so small and simple to use!

MailFountain lets you send and receive e-mails from your regular e-mail account.

Also, in order to allocate a business email adress to each of your employees, your
MailFountain can manage different email accounts.

As for its installation and use, to be closer to your needs, MailFountain does not require more time and knowledge than for a conventional printer, making MailFountain the easiest email server to use on market.

Technical features
  • Server ESMTP, SMTPS
  • Server POP3, POPS
  • SNTP
  • Management redirects (distribution on multiple accounts ex: contact @ ... to multiple users)
  • Anti spoofing internal. Users can not take the indentity of another user
  • Secure connection from a laptop, a mobile phone (eg iPhone, PDA, etc..) Regardless of the location of the user in the world (within the society, outside, at home)
gros_e-mail_35x35 No limit                                                                                            No limit 80 x 23

Only MailFountain lets you send files without worrying of their size!

MailFountain is the only emails server in the world that can send emails with large attachments. MailFountain enables you to solve the problem of emails limited size.

When sending an email, MailFountain detects the limited size given by the receiver. When the email is too large, MailFountain stock automatically the attachments to its hard drive. The receiver will receive the email as it was been composed by the issuer but with an attached link to download the object.
alias 35x35 Aliases

With MailFountain organizing and managing your email is easy!

The function of email server of the MailFountain also lets you manage aliases so you can organize your mail by subject-matter (invoices, technical support, press, ...).
webmail 35x35 Webmail

Wherever you are MailFountain is here!

The MailFountain’s webmail lets you send and receive emails from anywhere, at any time, from your business email address.