Presentation Emailing
e-mailing_35x35 The Emailing for all

Only MailFountain can lets you realize your emailing from your email server! 
MailFountain’s emailing function lets you send a large amount of emails for your advertising and information campains as newsletters for example.
Send all of your emailing through your regular messaging client (ie: Outlook®, Thunderbird, etc.) as sending as a simple e-mail.
MailFountain simplifying the manner of sending emailing and allows the Small Business to access to the technologies reserved for richest companies.
Whatever the model of MailFountain send your emailing up to 100 000 per day with a common ADSL line

Technical features
  • Management of e-mail address error (Not Living at Indicated Address)
  • Management of the SPF (allows to be reconized as the official e-mails server of your company)
  • E-mail personalization with recipient data (Last name, first name, address, etc.)
  • Automatic management of the unsubscribing by the recipient (there is no risk to send an emailing to an  unsubscribed repicient.
  • Send an emailing from a copier (the copier must have a send mail function)
tracking 35x35 Read tracking

With MailFountain follow the efficiency of your campains of emailing and improve your efficiency. 

For each of your emailing, MailFountain provides you a report in order to get an overview of its results and cleanup the incorrect or outdated adresses.